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Concrete Finishes

We Ensure That Your Property Has the Concrete Finishes it Needs

If you are looking to get concrete finishes for your property, coming to us should be your priority. We have all the experience and services necessary to provide satisfactory results every time. Choose Genesis Concreting now and get the best in the business.

What to Expect When You Come to Us for Concrete Finish Services

Below is a list of what you can expect when you choose our team to help you with reliable concreting services:

  • We will always ensure a professional atmosphere and workplace. You can rest assured that from the moment you reach out to us, to the moment we wrap up the job, you will get nothing but professional service and exceptional work ethic.
  • You can always expect reliable customer service should you need it. We pride ourselves on the level of transparency we provide encourage all of you to reach out to us if you have any questions. If you need clarity on anything, we are one phone call away.
  • We use only the best equipment and materials to ensure reliable, durable results that you are satisfied with every time. When we do a job, we always do it right, and our history of satisfied clients confirms it.

You deserve nothing but the best when you want concrete services for your property, which is why we work hard to give you everything you need. We will always be professional, give you reliable customer service, and use only the best materials and equipment for the job.

What You Should Know About Techniques We Can Use for Concrete Finish Services

Here are some examples of finishes we can provide when you need our services:

  • The most popular finish would be the trowelled finish. This finish involves using a trowel to smooth the concrete once it is in the framework. Trowels are commonly available in both manual and mechanical, with mechanical being the choice for larger projects.
  • Another example would be a broom finish. This finish involves a much rougher texture obtained by dragging a broom across the freshly trowelled concrete.

Why Trust Us When You Need a Team that Provides Reliable Concrete Finish Services

We bring more than 20 years experience to the table, which means you will always have the peace of mind that we know what we are doing. We have a history of satisfied clients, and our work speaks for itself. No matter how complex your requirements are, you can rest assured we can deliver.

Come to a team you know you can trust for satisfactory results the next time you need help with a concreting job. You should never settle for subpar, and with us, you never have to. Call us now and tell us about the job you have for us so we can get started immediately.

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