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Concrete Footings

The concrete footings are used to lend support to the foundation and the above structure in constructions. Footings help distribute the load of the structure in vertical placements throughout the soil in construction. If the concrete footing is not well planned and constructed with a strong base, it may lead to movement and as a result, a lack of stability in the foundation. Most structures have concrete footings; however, it is particularly important when the subgrade may be considered unstable, or the structure above needs additional support to bear its weight. At Genesis, we provide concrete footings that meets the utmost standards for proficiently supported structure with long-lasting results.

Concrete Footing Types:

T-Shaped Footing

We provide a standard foundation process to support a structure in a part where the ground freezes. Here, concrete footing is placed beneath the frost line and walls are added on top. The footing is always broader than the wall, which provides extra support at the base of the foundation. The resulting installation therefore looks like an upside down ‘T’. Once the T-shaped foundation and these walls are constructed, finally the concrete foundation slab can be placed.

Slab-on-grade Foundation

Slab-on-grade footers are used in areas where the ground does not freeze. The edges of the slab-on-grade are wider than the interior of the slab.

Frost Protected

This process only works with a heated structure. It relies on the use of two sheets of rigid, polystyrene insulation; one which is on the outside of the foundation wall and the other is placed flat on a bed of gravel at the base of the wall. This method prevents freezing, which can be a problem for slab-on-grade foundations in areas with frost.

Within many concrete structures within the civil industry, footings are incorporated into the slab design to assist with the load-bearing capacity. Footings can be beneath retaining walls, concrete hobs, stairs, culvert base slabs, and accessways. Our concreters can identify the dimensions of concrete footing required depending upon the size of the structure that needs to be built. We contract in various types of footing methods such as isolated footing, continuous wall footing, combined footing, strip footing, etc.

Genesis Concrete will construct footings as per structural design, site topography, soil type, and other requirements. You can have the assurance that all foundation made by us will be sturdy and be able to bear 100% of the load of the structure. We will ensure sign-off is necessary before and after the works are completed. This will add to the quality of the concrete work you will receive from Genesis Concrete for your next commercial project. There are different options in concrete footings available for your project, as we have discussed above. We can assist you with complete guidance in selecting the concrete footing type or method suitable for the project.

Selecting a powerful concrete footing safeguard your building from many various problems in the stability and integrity of the building. Footings play a very vital role in holding and supporting the foundation and the structures. Genesis Concrete always ensures that the footings are placed correctly under each structural wall. Whilst keeping in mind the different levelling requirements that exist for the bottom and top of the footing.

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