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Concrete Kerb

Concrete Kerb and Other Concrete Services in Sydney

Any construction or renovation project will require concrete work in some form or another. If you need a concrete kerb backed by reliable, trustworthy service from a company with over 20 years of experience in working with clients on projects, we can provide you with quality concrete and steel products.

The best way to see what we do is to view our work and see what it entails and why you can trust our service and quality when it comes to concrete kerbs.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Concrete Kerb Services

During a construction project in urban or residential areas, you will most likely need either mountable or regular barrier kerbs. We can provide either concrete kerbs for your Sydney project, but it’s indeed how we do things more than our concrete mixing skills that set us apart:

  • Responsible. As a project manager or engineer, you have many things that require your attention during the project. Genesis Concreting does the work properly and responsibly. We know what to do and get on with the job without extra supervision so you can get on with other more important structural matters.
  • Safety. On a construction site, safety should be the top priority of all involved in a project, and here, once again, we make sure all our staff at Genesis Concreting follow our Health and Safety Manual, and ensure we deliver on deadlines efficiently yet safely.
  • In the loop. During a project, we do understand that things can change in an instant, considering all the players involved in a project. We communicate with the project manager or client to make sure we know about any changes taking places or any alterations we need to make.
  • Quality. Using quality products in the hands of a sub-standard worker means nothing. At Genesis Concreting, we pride ourselves on using quality products and delivering quality service so the project will be finished on time, leaving a safe and reliable structure in place.

As in any business, client satisfaction is the difference between getting a contract or losing it. We follow own Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) or the client’s to ensure we are all on the same page and that everyone will be happy with the outcome.

Related Services We Provide to a Concrete Kerb in Sydney

While we are laying the concrete kerbs for you, we can also deliver a few other concrete solutions for your Sydney project:

  • Culverts. We always work with the environment in mind and try and use practices and recycling that cause no harm. A stream or such running through a project area can cause complications but we can easily incorporate with our base culverts and other culverts we place and finish.
  • Roads. Consider using us to lay concrete roads and kerbs in your project. They are more durable, easy to maintain and less prone to wear and tear. We can also lay roundabouts for you.
  • Retaining walls. Building slopes part of your landscaping? We can build sturdy retainer walls to keep the layers in place and neat and tidy with our concrete laying services.

You already know the benefits of concrete; now you also have a trusted concrete supplier and layer in the form of Genesis Concreting.

About Genesis Concreting

We understand that no matter what product you offer if your service does not go above and beyond, you might as well close your doors. Our efforts in communication, service delivery and punctuality are what sets us apart and will leave you with a project well done. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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