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Concrete Slab

Types of Concrete Slab Pavement

There are three major types of concrete slab pavements: Jointed Unreinforced Concrete Pavement, Jointed Reinforced Concrete Payment and Continuously Reinforced Concrete Payment.

Jointed Unreinforced Concrete Pavement

These concrete slab pavements are made from batch work of concrete slab layers where the small square units are connected using tie bars or joints for crack prevention. Detailing in the joint layout is crucial because it impacts shapes, designs, and construction. Jointed unreinforced concrete slab pavements can be installed in different ways: industrial yard, airfield aprons and airfield taxiway.

Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement

These concrete slab pavements are the modified version of the previous type. When there are uncertainties regarding materials, these are used instead of unreinforced ones. It is comparatively thicker, and the joint spacing is good as well. These can have both cracked and crack-free slabs. Jointed reinforced concrete slab pavements are installed in the places expecting heavy concentrated loads.

Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement

These are constructed as a long slab where reinforcement bars go into the middle. Longitudinal reinforcements can prevent Shrinkage of cracks. These concrete slab pavements need anchors at the end so the temperature changes would not cause any noticeable bump.

Benefits of Foundation Concrete

The Egyptians used concrete for their pyramids while the Roman Empire used it to construct buildings such as the Pantheon and the Colosseum which stand proud still in the present day. Studies demonstrate that the concrete they used in the past is approximately ten times weaker than what we use currently. Imagine the benefits of using it as the foundation for construction.

  • Concrete is a strong, durable material that withstands heavy pressure and doesn’t buckle. Once you’ve had it installed correctly, you can depend on it for years without concern about the concrete giving way. If you’re looking at building a warehouse shed or storing heavy farming equipment, you can rest assured that the concrete can handle it.
  • It’s relatively easy to maintain and doesn’t require constant monitoring. When used for a floor, mopping up the floor or using a high-pressure cleaner to remove any tough stains and dirt will keep the concrete in excellent condition. The frequency of cleaning is dependent on the amount of traffic the concrete withstands.
  • A concrete foundation is incredibly versatile. You have the option to divide the shed into various spaces where the floor is specific to your needs. Laying down carpet on the concrete is easy, and you can consider acid staining or adding a dye colour to the floor to create an attractive design.

What Sets Genesis Concreting Apart Regarding Foundation Concrete

People all around New South Wales have trusted us with their concreting, especially with their concrete slabs. Furthermore, our accreditation by the New South Wales Civil Contractors Association and Master Concreters Australia solidifies our status as a professional contractor.

  • The quality of our work is an integral aspect of our business. Since we have vast experience in the field, we maintain our high quality with every project. As a result, we eliminate expensive corrections which save you and us valuable time.
  • Safety is critical in our area of work which is why all our employees must follow our Health and Safety Manual before conducting any work on site. We’ll never rush to complete a project and risk falling short of our client’s demands.
  • Every project involves various stakeholders who are decision-makers. As such, we maintain communication between ourselves and our clients to ensure we always meet their needs. In the construction sector, there are always revisions based on various factors; therefore, communication is the key to the satisfaction of every party involved.

What You Gain by Choosing Genesis Concreting

We have over two decades of experience in this industry, and when you call us, you can rest assured you’re receiving assistance from a reputable, professional concrete contractor. Our reputation precedes us, and we plan to maintain it in the future.

Contact us if you require a concrete foundation for your next project.

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