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Concrete stairs

High Quality Concrete Stairs in Sydney

Indoors or outdoors, concrete stairs are a cost-effective option that require little upkeep.

Related Services We Provide To Concrete Stairs In Sydney

In a bid to provide a complete concreting offering, in addition to concrete stairs, we offer a range of civil earthworks in Sydney and surrounds.

  • Drainage structures. Our highly skilled and qualified team has many years’ experience in laying drainage systems in various locations and will work with the setup of the property to lay an efficient system. Our team is able to work independently and without supervision, allowing the client to focus on what’s important rather than keeping an eye on workers.
  • Retaining walls. The specific need for a retaining wall usually involves keeping high soil in place through a layering effect. Genesis Concreting can build retaining walls to suit the aesthetics of the projects. Have a look at our previous work for some inspiration.
  • Roundabouts and islands. If you require a roundabout or island on your premises, our skilled team can lay them for you in the right way, to make sure that they conform to legal and road regulations.

Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Concrete Stairs

Using concrete is not as straightforward as it seems, there are many factors to consider in order to provide a quality end product. Our team understands how vital each step is in the process of ensuring customer satisfaction and ultimately an operational staircase.

  • Thinking all concrete is the same. There are many types of concrete, each with their own properties to suit different applications. If the wrong type of concrete is used in your concrete stairs, it could make them prone to faster deterioration, resulting in them either needing to be fixed or worse, redone. Our team is knowledgeable on which concrete to use where and they have the proper equipment to carry out your project in Sydney and Sydney West.
  • Improper site preparation. Improper site preparation can cause numerous headaches along the line. The surface needs to be properly cleaned, compacted and then levelled to avoid shifting and cracking.
  • Inadequate reinforcement. Steel reinforcements, when paired with a concrete structure, resists tensile forces and by working together, the two materials can resist an array of applied forces, thus making the structure strong and durable.

Fun Facts About Concrete

It might not come as a surprise to learn that concrete is the most used material in the world, due to its robustness and ability to withstand extreme conditions. Contrary to popular belief, concrete is not only made up of cement. About 15-20% of concrete is cement, then you have water, air, gravel and sand to make up the rest. Concrete was used in construction projects in ancient Rome, and the Pantheon that was built around 120 AD is still the largest standing unsupported concrete building in the world. To see our range and applications of concrete stairs in Sydney, contact us.

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